Gun metal grey PVD hinged tribal fan ring on steel - 16g

Gun metal grey PVD hinged tribal fan ring on steel - 16g

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Gun metal grey PVD hinged tribal fan ring on steel. 1.2mm Gauge (US 16g). Internal ring diameters: 6mm 8mm. This ring has a hinged segment to allow for easier fitting. Made out of high quality 316L surgical steel, which has been PVD coated with gun metal to give it a grey finish. The ring has an ornamental fan detail all the way at the bottom that shows off beautifully in piercings such as septum or helix. This jewellery is suitable for various ear cartilage piercings such as helix, tragus and forward pinna. It is also a fantastic fit for septum piercings. Gorgeous, high quality tribal style ring.

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