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Piercing gallery. Body piercing pictures done by Tattooed Lady Body Art Tattooing, Piercing and Body Mods studio. There are a huge variety of piercings for most areas of the body. For the ear piercings such as the daith, rook, tragus, hex or helix, conch, pinna and tripple. Tongue piercing and lip piercing are popular types of mouth piercing as well as the tongue web and smiley / frowny piercings. Other areas include the nostril or nose bridge, nipple piercing, and eyebrow. A particular type of piercing called dermal piercing is done using dermal anchors, an alternative to this is surface piercing with a surface bar. These piercing pictures show the wide range of body jewellery, flesh tunnels, flesh plugs and stretchers available in-store and online from Shop Tattooed Lady.

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