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Blog for Shop Tattooed Lady. Interesting piercing and body jewellery images. Coming soon..."how to" videos, showing all your FAQ's, such as how to fit a ball closure ring, cleaning your piercings and more. Check out our Facebook page for exclusive offers and to post pictures of you proudly wearing your latest purchases. 

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Top 5 Best Gold Earring Hoops for Piercings

gold piercing hoop earring jewellery

Top 10 Best Gold Earring Hoops For piercings

1 . This gorgeous rope twist gold hoop earring. Perfect for cool girl style at the top of the ear and ear cartilage. 

9ct_gold_rope_hoop_hinged_ringBuy Now


2. 9ct gold Daith Hoop Earring- Ideal for the daith piercing as the gems sit flat. The hinge make it easy to fit yourself. A stunning gift for a loved one. The daith piercing has become very popular due to being linked with reducing migraines and headaches. 


buy now


Buy Now

3. This 14ct Eternity piercing hoop. Looks amazing in the rook piercing, but could also be worn in the nose, ear cartilage, tragus and other ear piercings. 

14ct_gold_eternity_rook_piercing_earringBuy Now


4. This stunning hinged ring gives subtle luxe elegance to any piercing and is perfect as a piercing hoop for the tragus, nose, rook or top of the ear piercing. 



Buy Now


5. Forward facing gem hoop piercing ring. Amazing for a septum piercing and stunning in a daith piercing. Hinged for easy fitting and set with sparkling crystals. 

14ct_gold_daith_piercing_ring_hoopBuy now


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Halloween Makeup tutorial and Piercings!

We got the fantastic Nat @njacksonmakeup and Vics photography is @vicx_photography to come and to a Halloween photoshoot. Nat is a makeup artist and she has shared her top 5 tips with us.

Top 5 Halloween makeup tips

1. Gather inspiration! Look up films and tv or even books to find a character to re-create or to invent a whole new concept

2. Gore isnt always the best idea, I love nothing more than a good zombie but you can do creepy without the need for blood! However if you do decide to go for blood, buy cheap from Pound shops and add a small amount of blue food colouring to make it realistic!

3. Latex is cheap but doesnt always have a realistic finish, try gelatine, its cheaper than silicone and can be skin like, do be careful not to over heat as it can cause burns when too hot!

4. Always patch test products you havent used before!

5. Finally be safe! Dont stick sharp items to the face! Coke can to the eyes,scissors in the cheek, these looks have been over done but they are real metal and can cause injuries! Buy foam prop equivalents or try a different look entirely!

You can watch a video here

halloween makeup tutorial

Shop the jewellery here

Get 10% off all body jewellery using code HALLOWEEN18 and have a Happy Halloween

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Septum Clickers - Art is what you can get away with

Andy Warhol was a modern artist who had a different view of the world. He saw the beauty in the mass produced but also in the individual. He represented the idea that you can be unique even whilst embracing the popular, hence the term Pop Art. So...

Back by popular demand and now with even more choice; our septum clicker range are stunning and practical. The easy to open jewellery clicks shut to give security and comfort whilst wearing. Now available in even more gem colours and a small length (6mm). These stylish pieces can also be used in the rim of the ear in piercings such as the Helix and Auricle. Because we only sell quality you can be assured these septum clickers are surgical steel throughout and not plated so they are very durable and suitable for may people with base metal allergies.


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I see your true colours shining through - Opal body jewellery

Opal - Body jewellery fit for a Queen

Opal is one of the birthstones for October. It was referred to as the Queen of gems due to it's amazing ability to encompass so many colours. Learn more about opal here. "Opal is an uncommon gemstone with an equally uncommon beauty and a sadly common fragility--leading it to be recreated in the laboratory as a stronger composite that withstands the stresses the natural opal cannot." Barbara van Look, Fire mountain gems.

Our opal range is made from synthetic opal which is stronger than natural opal making it more suited to body jewellery. It comes in striking blue or more subtle white, but both shining with many iridescent colours. Opal has recently become a trend in hair fashion. Opal hair has many pastel shades to mimic the stunning stone. Available on steel, gold pvd or black it is so versatile. Opal on steel is classic and focuses on the opal, reflecting the light onto it. Gold pvd brings a richness and emphasises the blue colour. Black sets a dramatic backdrop for either the blue or white opal.

Shop now and get 10% Off use coupon code BLOGPOST at the checkout. (Excludes delivery costs, cannot be used with any other offer.)

opal body jewellery

If you aren't sure what size body jewellery to buy or have any questions get in touch, we are happy to help.

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We love to see pictures of you wearing your new jewellery. Email with a picture and we will post it on our facebook page, leave a note if you want to be tagged. we offer 10% off for your next order if we use your picture.

See all body jewellery


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A rose by any other name - Rose Gold body jewellery


Rose gold is a huge trend for AW15 (Autumn/winter 2015) for many items such as watches and handbags to home decor and even hair colour. Designers such as Michael Kors have used the rich and timeless look of rose gold with simple designs. If you love the look of rose gold you can transform your piercings with our high quality rose gold PVD coated body jewellery. It's as beautiful as it is wearable, and the perfect colour for the season picking up on the rich hues of the fallen leaves. Why not try a rose gold ring in your septum piercing? Stack rings on the outer rim of the ear for piercings such as the Helix, using different sizes as you go up the ear can create a great affect.

Shop now and get 10% Off use coupon code BLOGPOST at the checkout. (Excludes delivery costs, cannot be used with any other offer.)


Rose Gold with a Twist

Rose gold looks great with pearls and our faux pearl range gives a soft look and a twist to this stunning jewellery. One of the things that makes rose gold so versatile to wear is that it looks great next to silver and yellow gold too, so it can be used just as an accent to enhance body jewellery you already have. Choose gold pvd, steel and rose gold rings or studs to create a beautiful combination in piercings such as the triple piercing (three forward pinna piercings).

triple piercing with yellow and rose gold pvd and steel body jewellery


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Male Body Jewellery - Be yourself


Male body jewellery - be yourself, with quality body jewellery that is stylish, durable and comfortable. For stretched ear piercings tunnels or plugs in organic materials allow your stretches to breathe. Septum jewellery such as a simple steel horseshoe looks great and with two removable screw fit balls it is easy to fit them yourself. Choose a smaller internal diameter for a more discreet look, or a larger one for a bold statement. Tragus piercings look great on men too and black jewellery complements this eye catching piercing. Shop Tattooed Lady has supplied more unusual or extreme jewellery for 20+ years. Large gauge ball closure, segment rings and bars are available in steel or titanium to stretch piercings such as the Septum, Nipple, and male genital piercings such as the Prince Albert, Hafada, Frenum and more. Stretching is a serious undertaking especially in more sensitive areas, so we recommend you do your research and choose quality pieces of jewellery to prolong the life of your piercings and stretch safely and comfortably. If you have any questions about stretching using our jewellery please get in touch. You could also read more on the BMEzine Wiki, but please bare in mind everyone is unique and there is no one size fits all advice. 

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Nose rings - Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror


A ring can be a symbol of eternity and continuity. As body jewellery a nose ring is a classic statement of style. Whether you choose a gem set ball closure ring or a plain one, or even the smooth simple look of a seamless or hinged ring, it is a look never goes out of style. Rings can be made in many materials, 9ct gold is opulent and lasts a lifetime. Gold PVD gives the look of gold and is great for people with metal allergies or on a budget. Titanium is lightweight and can be classic silver or anodised to 7 bright colours. Surgical steel is durable and a lovely bright silver colour, it is the lowest cost material for body jewellery rings. 

Shop nose jewellery


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How to Stretch Your Ears

cut out heart flesh plug on blonde woman

Ear Stretching

Ear stretching is a very old tradition and is found in many tribal cultures all over the world. The earlobe is very flexible so it can be stretched to a larger gauge of jewellery by using one of several methods. Some use weights and heavy jewellery, others use a tapered piece of wood, horn or bone to increase the size of the pierced hole. In modern times most ear piercings begin as either a 1.2mm or a 1.6mm gauge hole. In some cases you can have a dermal punch which usually is no larger than 4mm but this can take longer to heal and so is not necessarily a faster way to increase the gauge. Once the initial piercing has healed the earlobe piercing is then stretched up to around 6mm to 20mm but some people with very stretchy lobes can go as far as 50mm. In between stretching and once the desired size is reached flesh tunnels or flesh plugs can be worn.

There are 3 main types of stretching jewellery:


Ear Stretching Materials

Stretching jewellery is made from a variety of materials; from the traditional bone, horn and wood, to modern acrylic, titanium and steel. Each type of material has it's own unique benefits to consider

  • Organic (bone, horn wood, coral) and Gemstone - breathable and prevent sebum and odour build up, huge range of colours. (Can be damaged by chemicals such as chlorine)

  • Steel (including PVD black and gold coated)- Strong and heavy and carries on the stretch, also can be easily cleaned and even sterilised

  • Acrylic - Comes in a variety of colours and patterns, light and inexpensive

  • Silicone - lightweight and flexible. (Can be damaged by chemicals such as chlorine)

  • Titanium - Durable, lightweight and available in 8 anodised colours.

How to Stretch Your Ears

Stretching your ear using an expander;

  1. Clean the jewellery and piercing with warm soapy water and dry well. (Soaking your ear in warm water or showering can make the ear more flexible)

  2. Lubricate the jewellery and the piercing with coconut oil, jojba oil or a similar unscented natural lubricant

  3. Insert the expander using the thinnest part first from the front of the ear towards the back

  4. Gently push but stop as soon as it becomes uncomfortable

  5. Wait an hour, gently push again, stop if it becomes uncomfortable

  6. Continue to insert a little at a time over several hours or days until the jewellery is in to it's widest point

  7. Wait a week and clean your piercing and jewellery regularly

  8. Always lubricate before inserting the jewellery again.


Buy expanders here

(be cautious if you have any allergies or skin issues, always do a patch test first if using a new lubricant, seek medical attention if you have any allergic reaction)

NOTE : Most people use tapers 1.6mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm , 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm etc...

As the ear is less flexible at the beginning of the stretching process it is wise to only go up 1mm at a time, once the piercing gets to 6mm it stretches more easily and so you can go up 2mm's at a time.

Shop now and get 10% Off use coupon code BLOGPOST at the checkout. (Excludes delivery costs, cannot be used with any other offer.)

NOTE : Most people use tapers 1.6mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm , 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm etc...

As the ear is less flexible at the beginning of the stretching process it is wise to only go up 1mm at a time, once the piercing gets to 6mm it stretches more easily and so you can go up 2mm's at a time.




Alternatively you can use steel jewellery and weight the piercing for example using a ball closure ring (BCR) and a clip in weight, then once the piercing hole is stretched you can insert the correct gauge plug or tunnel. This method is harder to keep track of and control and is recommended for people who are experienced in it. It is more commonly used to stretch piercings other than the ears such genital piercings like the PA or labia.


What will happen if I take the jewellery out?

If you do decide to remove your jewellery the piercing will begin to shrink back to it's original size. For stretches less than 10mm the piercing will usually return back to around 1.2mm, but for stretches larger than this the skin may not return to it's un-stretched size.


For any questions or advise please contact us. We love to see your stretching journey so please feel free to email your picture to and we will post them on our Facebook page. Leave a note if you want to be tagged. We will send you a 10% off coupon for your next order. Don't forget to sign up for our newsletter for the latest products and offers.

1st image used with permission from Make Up Hunter blog, shows our wood heart tunnel.  If you want to read a review of some of our ear stretching products on Make up Hunter click here.



Happy stretching!




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